1) To clarify
2) Uncover
3) Demystify


Our data scientists hold PhDs in Math and Statistics, with the ability to bring clarity to your most complex Big Data challenges.



Contemplating a move to the cloud? Develop a comprehensive Cloud Roadmap in 6 weeks.


AMLANA provides Big Data analysis, business intelligence and data science solutions for retail, healthcare, financial services and manufacturing.

Our consulting team holds advanced degrees in Math and Statistics and combines a deep understanding of the advanced data needs of businesses with the deep expertise in managed cloud data services.


Arriving at the right solution means asking the right questions up front to clarify the problem through the lens of different disciplines:

●   Data Science Strategy
●   Data architecture planning
●   Data pipeline/ETL management
●   Data warehouse/data lake engineering
●   Machine learning
●   Natural Language Processing
●   Predictive Analytics
●   Social trend analysis
●   Recommender systems
●   Marketing data analysis
●   Data visualization and storytelling

We also provide services around Cloud data migration and management

data pipeline diagram

AMLANA works with all the major Big Data platforms

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